Dusty Server Cabinets & Servers

Server room and data centers are security-sensitive environments that require specialist cleaning and sanitation. Dust and other harmful particles can cause serious harm to the hardware stored in these rooms.We offer two services under Data Center and Server Room cleaning offering. A Basic Clean option and a Deep Clean.

We recommend the Deep Clean offering for Dusty Servers and Server Cabinets as this service includes interior server cabinet cleaning and deep rack hovering that removes dust and other harmful particles from your cabinets and servers. This service increases the lifespan of IT equipment, protects your investment by keeping your data center clean and eliminates fire risk.

Dust & debris filled raised floors

Dust can easily collect in this empty space. It’s impossible to stop this happening because the whole point of having the floor is to allow access below. This just makes going under the floor slightly messier than you might imagine, furthermore the more debris that accumulates the higher the chance of a pest infestation. Proper maintenance of raised floors should include both structural and environmental care. All raised floors require preventative maintenance to insure safe operating conditions for equipment and personnel.

Digi-Clean offers raised floor surface cleaning in both Data Center & Server Room Cleaning packages(Deep Clean and Basic Clean)

Dust & mould filled equipment

Dirt buildup can affect PC performance. Plenty of physical hardware problems crop up on computers after extended use. Dust, dirt, hair, and other debris can build up on fans and heatsinks. Components can come loose or become unseated. Thermal paste can break down and becomes ineffective.

With regular cleaning and maintenance you can prevent permanent hardware damage, overheating and increase efficiency. That’s why Digi-Clean offers a specialist equipment cleaning service for your workstations  with the workstation deep clean offering  and the data center deep clean offering that tackle removing dust and debris from the interior of equipment hardware.

Workspace Hygiene

*We recommend a minimum of 4 basic cleaning sessions and 2 deep cleaning sessions per annum. In the advent of the current Coronavirus pandemic we recommend more regular cleaning.

Prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace these simple tips from the WHO below will help prevent the spread of infections in your organisation and protect your customers and employees.

  • Make sure your workplaces are clean and hygienic
  • Surfaces (e.g. desks and tables) and objects (e.g. telephones, keyboards) need to be wiped with disinfectant regularly because contamination on surfaces touched by employees and customers is one of the main ways that COVID-19 spreads.
  • Put sanitizing hand rub dispensers in prominent places around the workplace. Make sure these dispensers are regularly refilled.
  • Combine this with other communication measures such as offering guidance from occupational health and safety officers, briefings at meetings and information on the intranet to promote hand-washing
  • Develop a plan of what to do if someone becomes ill with suspected COVID-19 at one of your workplaces
  • Promote regular teleworking across your organization. If there is an outbreak of COVID-19 in your community the health authorities may advise people to avoid public transport and crowded places. Teleworking will help your business keep operating while your employees stay safe.